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Digi Scale Label Catalog

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LSi is not affiliated with New Brunswick International, Inc. (NBI Digi), or Digi and LSi does not sell or service scales. However, Label Specialties, Inc. has specialized in manufacturing scale labels used in label printing scales, including Digi scales since 1980. Our scale label products are used in Atron, Acom, Avery Berkel, Bizerba, CAS, Globe Equipment, Hobart, Ishida, Kubota, Mettler Toledo, Toshiba TEC, Tor-Rey, and many other brands.


LSi manufactured Digi stock labels and Digi custom labels have been used in thousands of scales including Digi DP, Digi SM, Digi DPS series & other Digi Pre-Pack or Digi wrapping scales for labeling bakery, deli, cheese, meat, fish and other seafood, poultry, produce, prepared food, and other retail food packages found throughout the US and in other countries.


LSi is a leading, nationally recognized scale label manufacturer and for three decades Label Specialties, Inc. has continued to maintain a leadership position in providing premium quality Digi scale labels to small, medium, and large customers nationwide and in other countries.


Over 1,800 distributors and other label customers throughout North America can attest to our industry leading prices on Digi labels and other scale label brands.


Our quality and prices are indeed reflective of our reputation.


Label Specialties, Inc. manufacturers both custom Digi labels and stock Digi labels, and LSi maintains a large inventory of popular stock Digi labels and other scale labels that allow LSi to service customers with same, or next day shipping capabilities.


LSi Digi scale label catalogs are among the most up-to-date, complete, and informative of any scale label catalogs found on the Internet, However, new scale models are introduced to the marketplace regularly and the label support for these models may not be fully represented in our current catalogs. Please contact LSi regarding any label requirement not listed in our catalogs.


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Digi DP



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Following is an overview of LSi manufactured thermal scale label products for Digi scales:

  Scale labels for Digi Mentronic and Digi SM series including SM-15, Digi SM-25, SM-40, SM-60, Digi SM-70, & Digi SM-90 label scales

  Scale labels for Digi DP series including Digi DP-90, Digi DP-110, Digi DP-120, & DP-121 label scales

  Scale labels for Digi Pre-Pack and wrappers including Digi AW series, Digi DPS series, Digi FX series, & Digi IL series label scales



Materials and Warranty

LSi manufactured Digi scale labels are produced using premium high sensitivity Direct Thermal paper coated with a supermarket grade adhesive having a service range of -60°F to +150°F.  The suggested range for applying the labels at between +25° and standard room temperature.  Our adhesive is designed for adhering to both refrigerated and non-refrigerated retail food packages and our base materials meet, or exceed O.E.M. specifications.


Label Specialties, Inc. guarantee our labels will perform as designed



LSi does not publish pricing on the Internet, so for prices or other information please contact LSi

(Please include LSi item number)




LSi manufacturers direct thermal labels for use in label printing scales offered by

450-526-0989818-561-4285Avery BerkelBizerba(540) 805-2159Digi5704136970, (417) 630-7605, rakery,
Toshiba TEC, Mettler ToledoTor-Rey 
and older models from Exact Equipment, 2492545108, and Weldotron

LSi also manufactures Direct Thermal labels for scale and label printers offered by

Antonson, ESI, Esselte Meto, Global, Hi-Speed, K-Tron, NCI, and Turn-O-Matic



LSi is a leading, nationally recognized scale label manufacturer and Label Specialties, Inc. manufactured Digi custom scale labels and Digi stock scale labels are used in label scales by meat and seafood markets, retail grocers and food stores, supermarket and warehouse superstores, meat and poultry processors, and other food processors for labeling retail bakery and candy, deli and cheese, meat and poultry, fish and other seafood, prepared foods, and produce packages found everywhere.



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